History is something to be experienced. By owning one of our pieces, you hold a piece of history, something which once passed from hand to hand in everyday life. Every coin carries it own story, representing something of its time and the person portrayed upon it.

Reminted Jewelry is the merger of artistic and academic backgrounds. Artist Cassie Beyer is a former history lecturer and writer who wanted to make artifacts available to the average person as well as put those artifacts to everyday use. Her inspiration comes from the reactions her coins elicit, the joy and curiosity sparked by being able to handle something so old.

Artifact Integrity

Many artists drill holes through old coins in order to transform them into necklaces. Others grind them down and force them into coin bezels designed to fit other sizes. Reminted Jewelry takes pains to leave the coins unharmed. Settings hold the coins in place without grinding or drilling.

Custom Work

We’re absolutely open to custom work. If you don’t see the perfect collection of coins and colors, contact us to discuss custom creations.

Metal Allergies

A wide range of materials are used to create our jewelry. If you have a metal allergy (most commonly to nickel), contact us to discuss options in sterling silver.