How Reminted Jewelry Came to Be

Here’s the short version of how I came to build jewelry out of historical coins:

  1. Grandpa bought my brother a Byzantine coin a million years ago.
  2. Brother no longer cares; I get Byzantine coin.
  3. I originally thought the coin was Roman. Now I want a Roman coin.
  4. Got myself a Roman coin. And another. And a couple medieval ones.
  5. I discover buying uncleaned Roman coins in lots.
  6. I have way too many Roman coins with the same few emperors on them. There’s only so many coins of Constantius II a girl needs.
  7. I haven’t made jewelry in a while.

There’s also the teacher side of me who loves to see someone’s face light up at the opportunity to hold something historical. Recently, at Geneva Steam, a girl who was maybe ten came to my booth and asked what I had. We talked a bit, and I gave her one of my culls i.e. a coin with no discernible details. And she just stared at it. She got to walk off with something 2000 years old, and it was just a little bit magical.

So that’s what I’m doing now. I’m also digging up also sorts of interesting facts along the way. Did you know a whole bunch of 4th century emperors began the reigns as children or teens? That the shortest reign in the Roman Empire was 21 days? Have you heard of an emperor named Hostilian? (I can only assume he was angry.) And there were women on Roman coinage!

I’m also doing work with Victorian coins because I’ve been a solid steampunk for seven years and it seems kind of a requirement for someone in my position. I’m really a terrible steampunk. Started collecting the Victorian coins, and what I still really want to do is play with the Roman ones.

Incidentally, this is because my area of study is “beginning of time to the Renaissance.” In the West. Victorian? Bah. Not so much.

I’m a terrible, terrible steampunk.

In other news, did you know a teen broke into Buckingham Palace to steal Queen Victoria’s underwear?

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